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It’s honestly a perfect need and just easy, no need to go through a bag and struggle finding all the passports. Just pop all of the passports in here and go. It can be used as a wristlet as well but for extra security, I carry it in my bag. The color is exactly what you see and will receive. It has plenty of room for another passport, for currency, and a pen with notepad. Worth the buy!
Great blanket to keep in the car!
I was looking for a blanket to keep in the car and this one is great! I like the zippered case it comes in to help keep it clean. It has a strap on the back of the cover so I’m guessing you could slide it over a headrest and use it as a pillow too. This blanket is minky soft and I love the grey color. It’s a decent size to keep you covered while sitting in the car. My kids like to snuggle under blankets on long car trips and this blanket will be perfect. I also live in a snowy climate, so we like having an emergency blanket in the car just in case we ever get stranded in the cold. I need to get a few more of these! Also, it was really easy to fold up and put back in the cover.
Quality for the right price
All my toiletries have room in this bag. Very sturdy, nice quality material. Am happy I chose this traveling bag versus others advertised online. Am really impressed with its versatility and huge space for all sizes of toiletries. Highly recommended to everyone who likes to bring bigger sizes of lotion, shampoo, and mouthwash.
Cutie Nurse
Cheaper than replacing the whole bag
When a strap breaks on a bag, it is often the plastic clips at the end that have gone brittle and weakened - so this is a great way to fix the problem and bring the bag back to use. I tested this as a replacement for a flute carry case. Do have a look at the photos as well - as these may help you see how I rated this product. My Findings: ✅ it is 1.5 inches wide, and adjustable length between 31 and 57 inches / 79 and 145 cm. ✅ the clips at each end are wide enough to clip onto up to a 12mm diameter fixing D-ring on the bag. ✅ the material and the metal looks good - without any fraying edges or signs of corrosion. ✅ the black color matches most bags that you want to repair without clashing. 👎 no downside that I can see so far - I'll change the review if it comes apart with prolonged use. ♥️ CONCLUSION: this is fit for purpose, delivery to mainland UK was next day - so rate this at 5-star. Please let me know if this was useful.
Perfect for daily use and traveling!
I bought this for both traveling and daily use. I have limited storage in my bathroom and this takes up very little space! Normally when I travel, I have my makeup bag and 2 giant ziploc bags plus a small ziploc bag with all of my other toiletries. This holds everything!! I’m so excited to start using this when I travel, it’ll take up less space in my suitcase and make it so much easier to keep track of all my toiletries and makeup so nothing gets left behind!
I'm thoroughly impressed!!
I'm so happy I bought this! I'm going on a 3-week trip, and this is perfect! This amazing travel bag is cute, stylish, and holds full-size bottles! I'm all about my hair and skin routines and usually find it difficult to pack everything I need because there's so much. This bag holds EVERYTHING! So freaking impressed. The zipper is metal, and the fabric is great quality. I highly recommend! (I purchased the large size)
Naomi Block
Best Travel Bag!
I absolutely love this Travel Bag. It takes very little space but can hold so many products. It’s quite durable and heavy-duty. It’s also compact and easy to carry. I am highly impressed with this bag and recommend it to everyone.
Great cosmetic bag
This cosmetic bag looks small, but holds a ton! I can fit my entire makeup routine in it. It’s my go-to bag for inside my everyday tote. I really want to try the large travel case next!


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